8 Soothing Massages to Unleash Stress

Thai Massage:

Thai Massage, also known as yoga massage has been passed onto generations orally. Thai Massage requires a bit of body movement from both the ends, i.e. the masseuse and receiver. The massage involves stretches in various body angles. The pressure when the body stretches relaxes the internal tissue, which leads to cracking of bones. You can assure yourself that you are in safe hands as the masseuse is doing his role well.

Ayurveda Head Massage:

Dating back to 5,000 years of civilization, India has a unique way of rendering magical healing using herbs, oils and other natural resources. Ayurveda is known as "knowledge of life". It is a method that heals the body with an emotional and spiritual outlook towards oneself. The massage involves kneading the head and rolling it with oil. Further, the masseuse taps the skull gently so that the tension in the brain releases.

In the process, the surface of the head gets warm as a reaction and returns to normal temperature, once the nervous system feels the soothing effect. This massage is popular in India and is prominent in Kerala.

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