Adventure Trip Spots Near Bangalore

A best way perhaps to relax and rejuvenate after a hectic, mundane week is to set off on weekend getaways around Bangalore.In the article below, you can check out 4 exciting places to visit from Bangalore. These destinations are for adventure seeker

Adventure Trips in Bangalore
Chitradurga Trip:Chitradurga, a historical town is 200 kms away from Bangalore. Around 5 hours, would be the journey duration to reach the place. With NH4 covering most of the route, it is a pleasant drive.The destination is beautiful and lots of places to visit , mainly the chitradurga fort, The way its built and the architecture . All the secret caves and reservoirs built in ancient times. There is Jogimatti forest reserve, where you have to take permission to go, but once you are inside it is nothing but absolute wilderness, you can spot some peacocks and few birds. There is a view point somewhere in the middle of the wilderness on top of a hill which gives you a spectacular view of the valley around it. If you go little early in the morning, you may not find too many people around and you get just get immersed in the quietness of the place. There are forest department guest houses inside the reserve area, where you can stay.You would need to walk and trek a lot though as all the places need some physical stamina.
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Reader's comments(2)
1: Thank you for sharing with us details of Tourist Attractions near Bangalore City. I have seen many of them and hope to visit the rest within two years.
Posted by: Ratilal Shah - 01 Jul, 2014
2: Please be Aware that the Agumbe forest is highly infested with leeches. Within 10minutes you can have as many as 30-40 sticking on to you. Better to go there fully clothed with thick clothes, like with jeans material.
abhaya replied to: Ratilal Shah post - 05 Sep, 2015