India's 10 Best Summer Destinations

BANGALORE: When it comes to tourism, no other country can beat India as it is a perfect example to denote Unity In Diversity, be it in climates, cultures, or traditions. Not to forget, there are several vacation spots that are popular as destinations favorable for different seasons. When we have so much to see in India why heads abroad! As summer is already knocking at the door, it's time to pack your bags and hop for some astonishing summer destinations in India.
Confused where to go this summer? Here are the 10 summer destinations in India that might steal your heart with its enchanting beauty:
1. Ladakh: Ladakh which is no more a secret when it comes to tourism is preferably known as "Little Tibet" by the tourists. You can find the two greatest and popular mountain ranges in the world, namely the Karakoram and the Great Himalayas. You can go for a lot of adventures and this place also offers one of the best cultural enthusiasts. There are many breathtaking views in this city including historic monasteries like Gompas which is situated in the hills and mountains. According to the tourists, a trip to this high altitude cold desert is once in a lifetime experience which one cannot express in words. Also, it is known as the safest place for women tourists on the earth.
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