Kakolat Waterfall as Prime Tourist Destinations of Bihar

Encompassed by the lavish green woodlands, Kakolat waterfall is arranged in the hills of Kakolat. The covered awesome sight of nature, Kakolat waterfall is strikingly beautiful getaways of Bihar. It is on the border of Bihar and Jharkhand which is about 33 km from Nawada. Falls in a height of 150 to 160 feet, the sacred cascade of Bihar forms a natural reservoir at the base of the waterfall. Targeted by thousands of tourist from all over the state, the place is one of the popular tourist and picnic spot. The spray from the falls creates a cool and foggy like atmosphere. The cascade down the ravine falls forms a transparent pool.

Kakolat Waterfall in Bihar

History-Sacred place

The lovely waterfalls in considered as one of the sacred place and its visited by countless numbers of devotees as it carries a historical and mythological implication. According to the legend, Hindu spiritualist believe that during the Threta Yuga, a king was cursed to take the shape of a python and live at the enthralling waterfalls. After a long haul; the king was liberated from the reviled when the place was gone by the Pandavas amid their exile. After all, the King proclaimed that a person who bathed in this waterfall would never be reborn as a snake. Since that day, the waterfall is worship by countless devotees especially during Bishua or Chait Sankranti.

Aside from the Waterfall, the Nawada locale is home to various tourist destinations including Hariya Sun Temple, Rajauli, Sekho Devra Ashram, Baba Majaar, Sitamarhi Temple, Hanuman Temple, Jama Masjid Amanvana, Jarra Baba, Maa Bageshwari Temple and many more.

When to Visit: The best time to visit the waterfall is after the monsoons season which is from October to February.
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