Remarkable Places to Visit on Valentine's Day, Bangalore

Hearts, roses, the colors red and pink, statues of cupids, and cupids bows and arrows all this symbolize the feeling of romance and love on Valentine's Day. Considered as a perfect time or day to demonstrate the sentiments of adoration, warmth and relationship, Valentine's Day is commended on February 14th. Throughout the world, the day is commended in a various way. People exchanged greeting cards, chocolates, jewelry or flowers; predominantly roses to their partners. On the other side, the metropolitan city, Bangalore has countless numbers of places where one can celebrate the special day with their love one.

Valentine\'s Day, Bangalore

Bangalore most Serene Places to Visit on Valentine's Day

Valentine\'s Day, Bangalore
Different people have different taste. Couple who are bored with the chocolates & teddy bear, pubs & bars can experience a unique way of spending time with your loved one on Valentine's Day with natural beauty like parks, lakes & gardens.

Amidst the variety of natural beauty one can experience the serenity you always wished for in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, the Hill that spotted 4500 ft above the ocean level on Nandi Hills, Yelagiri Hills, Cubbon Park , Ulsor Lake, Wine-tasting at Grover Vineyards, nestled among the hills; Bheemeshwari, Vythiri Village Resort, Wayanad, Udupi and many more serene places.

Bangalore Most Romantic Places to visit on Valentine's Day

Valentine\'s Day, Bangalore
In case you're searching for an exceptional spot to spend some quality time with your love one in these valentine days, here is the list of the most Romantic Places in Bangalore City for a romantic dating. The restaurant serves one of the great food and one of the most stunning and breathtaking settings; Barleyz, Svenska Design Hotel: Known for its architecture and luxury lifestyle designer brand with a distinct European accent, the 5 star, Sky Lounge, The Tao Terraces, 13th floor, 153 Biere Street; Whitefield is an ideal place for Romantic Valentine's day.

Background of the Day

The day of romance, Valentine's Day is identified as the Feast of Saint Valentine. The origin of Valentine's Day are not clear, however, people tend to believe that it comes from the story of St Valentine, a Roman cleric who was martyred on or around February 14 in the year 270 CE. Till today, the legend remains a mystery as how he became a patron saint lover's. However, as per the theory is that the church used the day of St Valentine's martyrdom to Christianize the old Roman Lupercalia, a pagan festival held around the middle of February.

Things to do on Valentine's Day

As we all know that, it's a special day for hearts, chocolate, roses, emotion, love, affections and friendships. So, one must dress up appropriately, a man should keep the concept of 24 Hours of Chocolate and must try to reenact your first date. Think of something unique for your love according to his, her like or dislike. If possible Cook her dinner.
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