Tourist Most Visited Countries in the World, 2014

Every country has its own spectacular and breathtaking theme, however; a few nations are remarkable. The tourist most visited countries are honored by the divine nature with an irregular package of stupendous natural beauty like the breathtaking mountains, beautiful rivers and awe-inspiring landscapes. On the other hand, world is changing and getting to be more praiseworthy in each field consequently, man-made ponder to improve their domains with everything; be it from lovely urban communities to ageless towns, from magnificent parks to an unblemished landscape.

There are countries that offer a variety of sights and a profusion of inspiration from man and nature. To cherish your dream destination in our hearts.Here is a list of 2014 most visited countries in the world by number of tourist arrivals from the recent study.

Tourist Most Visited Countries
France - 79,500,000 The world most visited country; "The City of Light", France draws millions and millions of visitors throughout the year with its unforgettable ambiance. The countries divine cuisine, vast art collections, its gentle River Seine, museums, centuries-old churches, blocks of Rococo & Neoclassic-outline building design are outstanding. The nations enchanting trees and gleaming streetlamps, bright market, restaurants & night clubs, bistro or film, fashion have made the nation the top most target destination. Not only that, the diversified Culture & Customs, its famous Centre Pompidou, Champs Elyees, Les Halles, Versailles Palace and most prominently the Eiffel Tower ended the capital city, Paris as world most populous, most targeted and most fashionable city.

Tourist Most Visited Countries
United States - 62,300,000
The second most visited country in the world, the United States is known as the coolest cosmopolitan yet crowded conurbation. Diversified in terms of geography; US enclose an amazing tourist destination akin to the Grand Canyon, Miami Beach, California's Big Sur, the wildlife & frozen lakes of Alaska, clear waters of Lake Tahoe, the spectacular scenery of Monument Valley or the Yellowstone, Yosemite, Hawaiian islands & many great national parks, the forestland of the grand Smoky Mountains and many more. On the other hand, among the tourist targeted places the US Gotham's iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers is famous. Its vibrant culture, set at the forefront of food, fashion and the arts holds millions of tourist from all over the globe.

Tourist Most Visited Countries
China - 57,600,000 The East Asian Country, China is known for its vast and diverse landscape ranging from forest and the Gobi and in the dry north of Taklamakan deserts to subtropical forests in the wetter south. Overflowed with the tourist throughout the year, China ranked third as most visited country in the world behind France and the United State. Home to some of the finest remnants of China's imperial past. The nation encased incalculable number of traveler spotlights. Tourist most visited places in the country are the Great Wall of China, Shanghai; the China's prosperous largest city, Xi'an; a window on china's ancient civilization, China's Top Karst landscape; Guilin, Hong Kong; an exceptional city on the Earth, Hangzhou; the next best to Heaven, the majestic Beauty; Huangshan, Lhasa; the Gateway to Transcendent Tibet, Suzhou; Elegant Water Towns and Gardens, Chengdu; the hometown of Giant Pandas and many more.

Tourist Most Visited Countries
Spain - 56,700,000 The world favorite holiday destination, Spain draws roughly 56.7 million visitors and holds the fourth ranked as the most visited country in the globe. Spain encompasses several beaches, delicious cuisine, vivacious nightlife, energetic carnival, regions and islands all make Spain one of Europe's best getaways. It's widely diverse cultures and landscapes are worth visiting. Among the tourist mot targeted places in Spain, Barcelona is one of the country's top travel destinations that offers each and everything that a tourists gaze for in a European city. It's historic architecture to lively shopping to vibrant culture, the city Barcelona contains both the authentically historic and the wildly bizarre. Spain's capital and largest city; Madrid, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Cordoba, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela and many more are famous places in Spain.

Tourist Most Visited Countries
Italy - 46,100,000 One of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in Europe; the world's greatest hoard of art fortunes additionally the world's most commended notable city; Italy show its stunning expressive arts through its urban communities structures. Its classified historical monuments, delicious & authentic cuisine, dialects, winter sports, country's national parks, special identity in the terms of the spirituality and often varying standards of living is the key point for millions and millions of tourist to visit the country. Enclosed an innumerable number of shoreline and resorts, Italy is a perfect spot for occasion. Then again, the acclaimed Alps and Dolomites along the Apennines, its embracing cities like the Venice, the Vatican City furthermore the Rome are overflowed with visitor throughout the year. In fact; the country holds the remnants of the great Roman Empire till today. By and large the country is accepted as one of the world's richest.
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