Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai, Picnic Spots Near Mumbai

Across the Mumbai Harbour, lie the seventh-century rock-cut temples of Elephanta. Once known as Gharapuri, or the Fortress City, the Caves are now designated as a World Heritage Site and visited by hundreds of tourists both for their art historical and scenic value.

Weekend Gataways from Mumbai
Vasai:Vasai, also called Bassein, lies about 48 kms north of Mumbai just across the Ulhas River. The fort in the old city was the headquarter of the Portuguese in the north, next in importance to Goa.The coastal land-fort of Vasai was surrounded by sea on three sides and to the landside it had a moat which was filled by sea-water. Its 4.5kms long strong stone wall had 11 bastions. The fort had two gates - the westward land-gate. The fort had two gates -the westward land-gate. There was also a small citadel in the fort. Well - equipped with water-tanks, store-houses, armoury, etc., the fort also had fields for growing grains and vegetables. All the old structures inside the wall are now in ruins.

Karjat :Karjat is one of the most beautiful and attractive escapes from the hustle bustle of Mumbai. This beautiful city is a Municipal Council and a sub-district in Raigad district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. A scenic village in the Konkan region Karjat is located in the foothills of Matheran. Some of the many activities that make this place famous include tourism, adventure sports, higher education, film shooting, retailing, nurseries & plantation and spa hospitality. Karjat is one of the most famous spots for enjoying numerous types of weekend holidays, picnics, river rafting, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing.
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