World's Cheapest Countries to Travel

Bangalore: when we think of traveling abroad, the very first thing which we bear in mind is the expenses as such kind of traveling burn our pocket. But, if we take out some time from our busy routine and check for places which offers traveling at low cost then we may find some good place in real bargain. Below listed are some cheapest countries to travel, as listed by Yahoo.

1) Thailand


Magnificent beaches, wildlife, historical places, cultural sites and all-night beach parties make Thailand one of the most attractive places among travelers. Some of the most attractive destinations in Thailand are Luang Prabang, Halong Bay, Pattaya- the resort town, Bangkok and so on. Thailand stood at second for "Best-value destinations for 2010", according to Lonely Planet.

Tourists mainly visit Thailand to take a glimpse of Bangkok, often known as the "city of angels" is the capital city of Thailand. Other reasons to visit this beautiful place are for its glorious beaches and islands.
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Reader's comments(5)
1: Luang Pragang is in Laos NOT Thailand
Posted by: sunnyk - 02 Jan, 2015
2: yes , Ankor wat is in Cambodia not in thailand(wrong info)
Posted by: sam - 24 Nov, 2012
3: Thailand- Ankor wat is in Cambodia not in thailand(wrong info)

Malaysia- Petronas twin towers are not the tallest towers in world, its Burj khalifa(dubai).

i wonder why it dont say about Phillipines(the land of beaches) and cheap too. Vietnam is also a good tourist spot and safe too for beach and nature lovers.

Posted by: vikram singh Gaur - 24 Nov, 2012
4: Ankor wat is in Cambodia not in thailand(wrong info)
Posted by: Vikram - 24 Nov, 2012
5: Pictures are good..
Posted by: Jaya - 23 Nov, 2012