Activists show the way to a clean Agra

Agra A group of activists, retired soldiers, media persons and other people has embarked on a mission to clean public places, road crossings, parks and other utilities in this Taj city of Uttar Pradesh.

"Every Sunday morning, we assemble in on a selected area after posting an invite on Facebook and clean the area," Sudershan Dua, leader of Agra Pratham group, told IANS Monday.

"We come with our own broomsticks, spades and baskets. The garbage is collected, bushes trimmed, potholes filled and a coat of paint is given where required. We take pictures before the work begins and after it is completed. The pictures are posted on Facebook to motivate others to join the group. The response has been heartening," said activist Anand Rai, who left his job in the US to serve his country.

The campaign began six weeks ago with just four volunteers in Sanjay Place commercial complex in the city.

"This was a much needed initiative by the concerned citizens of the city. We want to tie up with them and jointly work on creating awareness in the city. I would certainly like to be part of this great effort next Sunday," Municipal Commissioner Indra Vikram Singh told IANS.

The city produces more than 500 tonnes of domestic garbage, and the industries produce over 750 tonnes of refuse on a daily basis, said municipal officials.

"The landfill sites are already filled and we are looking for newer areas to dump the garbage," an official said.

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