Adventure Trip Spots Near Bangalore

Kunti Betta
Kunti Betta Trip:Kunti Betta is a hillock near Pandavapura in Mandya District. The place is rich in history & heritage. Pandavapura features during the Mahabharata period. It is said the Pandavas ended their exile of 14 years in Pandavapura. Here is where Bheema slayed Bakasura, the demon.One can see the utensil shaped rocks which were apparently used by Pandavas for cooking.. The multitude of canals passing by the fields gives the location an exotic look. On a sunny day, one can take a dip in any of the well maintained canals. The Chunchanghatte falls, Melukote and the newly excavated temple of Venugopalaswamy on the Cauvery river basin are very close by. The backwaters of KRS is at a distance of 20 km from here. We can also visit the nearby KRS dam where centuries old Temple is being excavated & reinstalled on the bank of the backwaters.The painted stairs to the Ganapati Temple made a perfect picture. We spotted many kingfishers at the small pool next to the temple. There was also a cave that led nowhere. A wall was built inside the cave, giving a feeling that there was another world on the other side of the wall. Effect of too many harry potters, no doubt! An urge to break the wall and explore the unknown was too tempting.

Agumbe Trip:Agumbe is one of the most scenic places on the Western Ghats of the Southern India. Added to the lush green view all around, the attractions for the visitors is the spectacular sunset and vast opportunities it offers to the trekkers. The spectacular Barkana waterfall is a 7 Km drive from Agumbe. Forming a V-shaped valley,the river Sita graces the land. Whilst Barkana falls descends from a height of 850 ft, Kunchikal Falls descends from a height of 1493 feet is one among the preffered destination in Agumbe for adventure tourists. Nishani Gudda a bare mountain is quite fascinating for trekkers where the trail runs amidst dense woods. The trek is 3.5 kilometers from Agumbe.Onke Abbi falls Onke Abbi falls plunges from an elevation of 500 metres and is a 4 Km trek from Agumbe. You will have to trek through the therapeutic plants preservation area to reach this falls.
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1: Thank you for sharing with us details of Tourist Attractions near Bangalore City. I have seen many of them and hope to visit the rest within two years.
Posted by: Ratilal Shah - 01 Jul, 2014
2: Please be Aware that the Agumbe forest is highly infested with leeches. Within 10minutes you can have as many as 30-40 sticking on to you. Better to go there fully clothed with thick clothes, like with jeans material.
abhaya replied to: Ratilal Shah post - 05 Sep, 2015