Beat The Summer Heat With These Offbeat Holiday Ideas

6. Go out for fishing in Himalayan Trout Fishing Camp: Fishing is something that attracts many people. Now you can fish in the Himalayan Trout Fishing Camp which is located in the beautiful Tirthan Valley in Kullu. The Tirthan Valley is located within the Great Himalayan National Park, and is one of the premier trout fisheries in India. There are eco suites, mud hut suites and stone cottage suites available for the tourists here according to their budget and needs. You can not only fish but also go for long walks, introspect or just stare at the beautiful mountains.
7. Interested in bird watching go to Haflong: Haflong is the only hill station in Assam which is also known as "white anti-hillock". This hill station is surrounded by hills with excess of streams, forests, rivers and birds. Some of the places to visit in Haflong are the Orchid Garden, Borail Range, Maibong and Jatinga. The lake in the centre of town is an ornithologist’s paradise, as it is home to a varied species of birds. For all the bird watchers Jatinga is the place to visit, it is located just about 9 km from Haflong, it is famous for the masses of birds committing suicides by crashing to the ground in mid-flight. This hill station has a pleasant weather; an abundance of greenery and its hillside location have led locals and tourists to label Haflong as the Switzerland of the east.
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