Beautiful Badami in Bagalkot city of Karnataka

Remained at an elevation of 1922 ft above the sea level, Badami is tucked in between two rugged sandstone outcrops in the Bagalkot city in Karnataka. Superlative rock-cut cave temples and red sandstone cliffs that resemble the Wild West, Badami is situated 30 kilometers from Bagalkot and almost 500 kilometers from the Bangalore city. Formerly known as Vatapi, Badami is a town and headquarters of a Taluk and once the capital of the mighty Chalukya Empire (540 to 757 AD) who ruled over the peninsular India.

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Ruled and captured by several empires and dynasty, Badami has diverse history to relate. Till today, the city holds every remnant of empires especially, northern and southern features can be seen with full compositional figure. Figurine of Early Chalukya sculptures is considered being "classical" with full of modeling and chasteness of ornamentation. The Gupta Empire sculptures seem to be contemporaries where Pallavas Dynasty sculptures are successors and many more. However; sometimes one can see diverse architecture on the same temple as well.

Why to visit Badami

Badami is one amazing place to explore when it comes to Cave temples, Fort and Archeological museum & galleries and many historic sites. The spot is additionally well known for trekking and climbing.

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Cave temples: As we all know that, Badami is well-off in terms of caves. There are four main caves in Badami. The first one is dedicated to Lord Shiva and its called Shaivite cave. It was excavated by the Chalukya in 550 AD. The cave has 18-armed dancing Shiva sculpture, a two-handed Ganesh, Mahishasura Mardini, and Ardha Nareeshwara & Shankarnarayana. The ceiling is adorned by a serpent motif & other carved figures.

The second one is devoted to Lord Vishnu. The cave has Vaishnavite influence with panels of Trivikrama & Bhuvaraha. The cave has statues of Vishnu avatars like Varaha and ceilings has carved of Lord Shiva, Brahma, and many more.
The third cave is considered the largest & the best cave. It is also dedicated to Lord Vishnu where the ceiling had imprinted of Bhuvaraha, Shankarnarayana, Anantasayana & Harihara and many more.

The last cave representations with Jainism where there is an image of Mahavira and other carvings of Padmavathi & other Thirthankaras etc. Not Only that, Badami has countless number d temples dedicated to various God akin to Dattatreya temple, Malegitti Shivalaya, Bhutanatha temple and many more.

Climbing: Apart from the temple. Cave, Fort, Badami is one ideal spot for climbing of Karnataka. Badami presence red sand stone cliffs and these sandstone cliffs have horizontal cracks, which formulate the place as a favored destination of rock climbers.

Fort and its Magnificence Museum & Art Gallery, Badami

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Arranged just about 2 Km on top of the slope, the fortress encases a large granaries. A most established sanctuary, Malegitti Shivalaya lies as treasury sanctuaries on top of the northern end of the slope. The sanctuary is assembled of stone, finely joined without mortar, & with Dravidian tower. Figure display is kept up by the Archaeological Survey of India on the Bhutanatha Temple Road.
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