Best Shopping Destination in Bangalore

M.G. Road Shopping Bangalore
In the midst of the most striking tourist and shopping core in Karnataka; The Mahatma Gandhi Road or just M.G Road lies in the heart of Bangalore city named after the immense leader Mahatma Gandhi is one of them. The demanding roads of the city is lined up with vend stores, food outlets and bistro or cafe, bureau construction, shops and theatres, bank and so on. The busiest road among all who hold its own Metro Railway Station, the M.G Road is also the finest shopping destinations in the heart of the city.

The popular commercial area is filled with sari stores where two movie theatres namely Plaza and Symphony lay silently. Higgin Botha and Gangaram an entrenched bookstore also situated calmly preserving its self-esteem at the same time radio, magazines, photograph material; TV sets books, garments, textiles, and universal goods and any kind of clothes or every sort of material stockpiles are personified with its friendly temperate that grasp the civic soul to them.
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1: well written. I am new to Bangalore and this article i suppose will help me simplify my shopping here. Thanks. i would like to read about Bangalore 'the garden city'.
Posted by: Sanya - 24 Jun, 2014