Best Summer Destinations in India

Bangalore: During summers we prefer to travel to destinations where we can get relief from the scorching heat of the sun. If you are planning for a vacation this summer then you should know that there are various hot spot in India for tourists to visit during summers mainly because of cooler weather conditions. Let us explore some of them below.

To spend your summer vacations in India in the best possible manner, you should definitely opt to visit Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, as it is one of the most preferred destinations amongst tourist from all over the world. Named after the goddess Shymala Devi, an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Kali, the city of Shimla is a great example of fusion of the British influence with Indian traditions and culture. The beautiful city is a home of many buildings and monuments constructed by the British which have been later converted into luxury Hotels. Apart from that Shimla offers breathtaking views soothing climate and few holy shrines situated at the hills.
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