Best Tourist places to Visit in Ganjam District , Odisha

Ganjam district is an ideal choice for its scenic beauty, monuments, exotic beaches at Gopalpur, waterfalls and religious spot. Chilika and Tampara lake, Taptapani, Taratarini, Narayani, Biranchi Narayan temple, Budhakhol, Gopalpur, Buguda, Berhampur city, Bhairavi temple, Ujaleswar, Singhasini are the major attractions of Ganjam district thus always have a special appeal in the hearts of tourists all over India.

Siddha Bhairavi Temple

Siddha Bhairavi TempleThe place is named after the presiding deity Goddess Bhairabi at remote village Mantridi. Bhairabi now a days has become an important Shakti Pitha. Tourists from all most all parts of Odisha as well as northern Andhra Pradesh visit this holy shrine everyday. The temple is named after Goddess Bhairavi, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The icon of the deity is having one leg and four hands craved in unfinished fashion. The temple was built in the year 1937 AD. Many saints has got Siddhi (salvation) here by worshipping the Goddess. So the pitha is known as Siddi Pitha.

The 35 feet high temple of Goddess Bhairavi is the main attraction of the place,temple which is surrounded with three funeral sites at the outskirt of its nearby villages. Ancient art and culture of Odisha can be viewed in the walls of the temple. The sculpture of the deity is situated 4 feet down the ground level. The deity has four hands and one leg, perhaps named as 'Ek Pada Bhairavi'. The deity has been worshipped by a special kind of professional worshippers named as Malee.

How to Reach: One can reach Bhairabi by road and from Brahmapur ,which is 18 kms away from Brahmapur. Temple administration provides

accommodation facilities.
Best Time to visit: Makar Sankranti of Hindu calendar.
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