Best Tourist places to Visit in Ganjam District, Odisha

Mahuri Kalua Temple
Visitors usually negotiate the site while traveling on the road that connects Berhampur with Western Orissa. As and when the urban people of Ganjam are browned of an inclement atmosphere, generally, opt to visit Goddess Mahurikalua, Having a shapely visage, smeared with red Leo and decorated peacock tails. This picnic spot of unrivalled ambience of seclusion allures good number of tourists.

How to Reach: It is 15 Kilometers from Berhampur by Road
Best Time: October-March

The scenic splendor of Narayani on the lap of the celebrated Vallery Mountain is a famous place in the eastern ghats. Its romantic setting with a perennial spring and green mango groves attracts a good number of visitors every day. The holy shrine of Goddess Narayani (Durga) with six hands is a great attraction for the devotees and picnickers.The history of this temple is attached with Ex-ruler of Khalikote states and expected to be built in 18th century A.D. Durga puja is one of the major celebration of the temple. Marriage, thread ceremony, etc. are held here regularly.

How to Reach: 15 Kilometer from Balugaon By Road
Best Time: October-March
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