Easiest Mountain Trekking in Northern State of Uttarakhand

Easiest Mountain Trekking in india
As we all know realized that, trekking is a popular adventure yet India is one of the finest trekking county in the world. Trekking in India is not only famous for the adventure pleasure and self realization but for its assorted common magnificence and profound spiritual guidance hence forth, trekking in India is an experience of a lifetime.

Today, the northern state, Uttarakhand offers trekking places for professional and amateurs/ first time trekkers. Among the easily accessible routes, Surya Dayra Bugyal & Chandershila trek in the northern state of Uttarakhand often starting from the town of Rishikesh is famous. Known for its spiritual inspiration and easy mountains trekking, Uttarakhand is visited by thousands and thousands of adventurer enthusiast. Trekking in the regions offers beautiful gorges, profound valleys and grand mountains where the topography of this area is idle. Flawless time to visit for trekking is after rainstorm i.e.; April to June and September to mid- November before the roads close due to snowfall.

Surya Top Dayra Bugyal Trek

Easiest Mountain Trekking in india
An ideal place for First Time Trekkers, Surya Top Dayra Bugyal Trek is situated at a height of 4200m and offers a great view of the upper Himalayan peaks such as Bandarpoonch (6350m), Dropdikadanda (6420m), Srikanth is one of the easiest mountains trekking place in India. The trek offers an amalgamation of Himalayan trek; it also offers a chance to experience firsthand the way of life of the populace of the town of Barsu and Agoda and stroll through rich Deodar, Oak and Rhododendron timberlands and in addition a high Himalayan knoll Dyara before at last arriving at the summit of Surya Top. One can likewise get Himalayan dark bear, musk deer or even a panther along with different birds, insects and wild flowers on the forests.

Chandershila Trek

Easiest Mountain Trekking in india
The four day trek of Chandershila (found at a tallness of around 4,000 meters) can be an extraordinary experience for first time trekkers. The trek starts from a diminutive town called Sari and transverse to the delightful lake named DeoriTal where one can likewise watch the ideal sightings for heaps of Choukhamba and Kedarnath (well known pilgrim spots of Hindus). It is one of an easy going small trek & relaxed walks. However, Chandershila peak offers a fantastic perspective of Himalayas, Nandadevi, Trisul, Kedar Top, Bandarpunch and Chaukhamba tops. Chandershila top is the main spot where one can get an impeccable 360 degree perspective of the Himalayas.
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