Essential Bangalore Travel Guide

Transportation Facilities in Bangalore:

Road: Kempegowda Bus Station, more commonly known as Majestic Bus Station, is a large bus station in central Bangalore, India. It is located opposite the Bangalore City Railway Station. The Kempegowda Station was built in 1980 to handle 600 buses. As of 2012, 4,500 BMTC buses ferry 800,000 commuters daily in 16,500 trips through the terminal. Approximately, 55 buses enter the terminal every minute.

Railway: Bangalore city Railway Station is a major railway station in the state of Karnataka and connects various cities across India. The first Railway line in this part of the country was run between Vyasarpadi and Bangalore Cantonment Railway station in the year 1864.Bangalore city Railway station was part of the Mysore State Railways promoted by the Princely State of Mysore. The station handles about 1.5 Lakh passengers on an average every day. There are 10 platforms which handles about 100 pairs of trains.

Airport: The passenger terminal at the Bengaluru International Airport is a centrally air-conditioned building that can cater to both the domestic and international passengers. All the major domestic and International airlines have started operating from the terminal making Bangalore accessible from any corner of the world. The five star hotel in the airport complex which is scheduled to be completed by November 2008 would make available more facilities.Bangalore is the third busiest airport in India, with over 10 million passengers a year. The airport is brand new and has been constructed by a private company. It opened in May 2008. For a new airport, it's quite disappointing and not as good as the new Hyderabad airport. Despite having much improved facilities, the main issue is that the airport is too small , particularly the departures area and toilets. It's also located a long way from the city center. Another drawback is the costly user development fee that's levied.
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1: Sad but the truth is Bangalore is no more a city of gardens
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