Exotic Locations That We Can Explore Without Visa

Bangalore: It is a wish and desire of every person to explore the unexplored part of the world. But, for that one needs to have a valid passport and a visa. According to passport information from the International Air Transport Association ( IATA), 52 countries and territories provide visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to holders of Indian passports. Here are the names of those mystifying places where Indians can still enjoy their stay without a visa as listed by Yahoo-

Grenada is an island country and commonwealth realm consisting of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In this country too, Indians can enjoy vacations for at least 3 months without a visa, but with a valid proof of enough funds to cover the cost of the travel.
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