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Vellore Fort
Vellore Fort tamil nadu

The Vellore fort is meticulously designed in such a fashion that the outer wall is much lower than the other walls and gets connected to the inner wall, from a curtain of tremendous thickness so that it can’t be obliterated by gun, spears and arrows. It is manifest that the European Engineers made some brittle work in the fort’s structure in the later period its history. The rigid wall running round the fort can be reached while climbing a few steps at the fort’s entrance. The old entrance was constructed with strong gates and shielded by a drawbridge which has been altered in the eighteenth century and served as a robust of defence by artillery. Vellore fort is a splendid evidence of military architecture in south India and is in a good state of preservation.

The wide and broad moat surrounding the fort receives water from suryagunta tank and the moat of yore boasts of more than 10,000 crocodiles and they are no longer there today. And it was constructed fairly wide and deep for defensive purposes. The moat served as the inner boundary and the river palar as northern boundary. The outer wall of the fort ranges up to 30 feet high and breath stretches around 25 feet. The rough circumference of the fort is 2600 meters

The fort is situated on the Palor riverbank. The outer length of the fort is about 2,500 feet and 1,500 feet in breadth. The height of the outer wall is about 30 feet and the breadth is about 25 feet. The approximate circumstance of the fort is 2,600 meters.It was constructed with the granite blocks and is surrounded by a moat, which is supplied by a subterranean drain fed from a tank. The walls are constructed with hewn Kangaroo stones of rectangular shape.

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