Famous Trekking Spots in South India

Anantagiri Hills
Famous Trekking Spots in South India

Anantagiri hills is an elegant hill station situated in Vishakapattanam, Andhra Pradesh. Anantagiri with its excellent climate can be visited any part of the year. Numerous small hills are there in the region and one can also explore the forests, which are not very dense .It is a beautiful summer resort which also has archaic cave like architectures and bathing Ghats. Ananthapadmanaba Swamy temple and Nagasamudram Lake are the other major charms of this area.

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1: You can try this site: It has a lot of options to try out for with full details including how to reach; camping options; staying options; GPS trails etc.

Posted by: amar shekhar - 19 Apr, 2015