Flood warning issued in Bengal's Malda

Kolkata, An alert has been issued in West Bengal's Malda district, the state's most flood-prone region, following heavy rainfall in the last few days, an official said Wednesday.

According to the state's disaster management authority, Malda, situated in the northern part of Bengal, receives flood water from many states from June to September. Last year, over 15 villages were submerged in floods during the monsoon season.

"We have held meetings with district disaster management officials and have issued an alert. We have also spoken to the irrigation department," District Magistrate Sharad Dwivedi told IANS.

As many as four blocks, including Manikchowk and Kaliachowk, have been identified as vulnerable, he said.

As per discussions, action plans have been drawn up to deal with a flood situation at three stages - before the disaster, during the disaster and after the disaster.

The irrigation division has proposed setting up flood cells and a daily forecast of water levels, in addition to satellite data.

Malda shares borders with Bangladesh and the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. The Ganga river cuts through it and so does the Mahananda.

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