From waste to energy: NDMC doing its bit towards easing power woes

New Delhi, The New Delhi Municipal Council is daily generating 16 MW of electricity from solid waste and supplying it to 8,000 households in the city as part of its effort to ease the acute power crisis the national capital is grappling with.

The civic body is generating power using solid waste as fuel at a 'Waste To Energy' plant on NDMC land in Okhla.

This plant generates 16 MW of electricity per day which is being used by 8,000 households, NDMC chairperson Jalaj Shrivastava said Sunday.

The plant, set up in 2011, processes 1,300 tonnes of municipal waste of which 200 to 400 tonnes is contributed by NDMC as fuel. It is equipped with modern systems and uses the latest technologies to minimise health and environmental risks, Shrivastava said.

The civic agency has so far delivered an approximate quantity of about 200,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste at the plant site.

The plant, set up as a Public-Private Partnership project on DBOT (Design, Build, Operate, Transfer) basis, also ensures that it achieves burning of maximum level of segregated waste to minimise pollution levels.

Besides generating electricity, NDMC is also saving Rs.2.73 crore per year through the plant which was earlier being used to dispose of the municipal waste.

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Posted by: Rakshith - 18 Jun, 2014