Fukushima people reclaim their 'happy side' in video

Tokyo, A video clip has become a phenomena on social networks in Japan as it shows inhabitants of Fukushima dancing to reclaim "the happy side" of this Japanese region affected by the nuclear accident of 2011.

The video shows students, Buddhist monks, cooks and executives dancing to the beat of "Happy", the Pharrell Williams hit, in urban and natural settings of Fukushima.

This is a rare sight in this region internationally known to be the site of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

"Even after the nuclear accident, many people have been able to lead normal and happy lives. We wanted to show to the world the happy atmosphere in which we live," said Hitomi Kumasaka, who is behind the making of this video.

The video clip, distributed by Kumasaka at the beginning of the month, surpassed 320,000 hits on Youtube and also has its own account on Twitter, where it became a trending topic.

In addition, its creator has received the support of tens of thousands of persons on Facebook.

About two hundred people voluntarily took part in the making of the video, according to Kumasaka who decided to undertake this project after tiring of the controversies and the "negative or oversimplified image" projected by the media.

The dancers in the video include a father who appears with his wife and young son, and who decided to remain in the prefecture after the accident despite his "concern" for the possible effects of the radiations, Kumasaka explains in her blog.

"Moving is very difficult when one has to decide what to do with one's work and family. There is no clear solution," she explains, adding that in Fukushima, as in other places, "live happy and unhappy people".

Another much talked about part of the video is the pleasing choreography of a group of monks in the Jorinji Buddhist temple who have been working to help the victims of the catastrophe that occurred March 11, 2011.

Around 80,000 people were evacuated from the region following the nuclear accident while the earthquake and the tsunami left more than 18,500 people dead throughout the country.

Around 50,000 residents from towns near the nuclear plant remain evacuated due to the radioactive emissions that have also seriously affected agriculture, livestock and local fish.

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