Fulfill your Stargazing Dreams with Unparalleled Views in India

Jaisalmer sky gazing
Jaisalmer : The Golden deserts in the middle of the great Thar Desert, Jaisalmer are an ideal place for stargazing. Jaisalmer are a perfect spot for stargazing. Acclaimed with the imperial royal residences and camels of Rajasthan, Tourism is the significant key factor in the economy of the district of Jaisalmer. Flooded with the vacationer from all over the world, the desert city is known for the camping in the wide desert expanse, under the blanket of the night sky with full glory from the cozy tents. Thus; the desert of Jaisalmer is an ideal place for stargazers.

Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar : Known for its world-class Beaches, lavish green rainforests, an active gushing lava, Coral Reefs, Swimming elephants and Giant fish; the Andaman & Nicobar Island is one of the incredible spots for stargazing. Among the 572 Islands, the Neil Island of Andaman and Nicobar offers the most sensational perspective to stargazers. At evening, the agreeable night sky is lit up with millions of stars. One can perceive the magnificence of nature with their bare eye where one gets a closer perspective of the stars with the assistance of a capable telescope. Nonetheless; the Island don't delicate any observatory subsequently; one need to convey its own particular telescope.

Matheran, Maharashtra : Matheran is an astonishing Hill station in the state of Maharashtra. Arranged at a height of 808 meter over the ocean level, the vacationer spot is settled in the bumpy locales of the Western Ghats extend, and being a no-vehicle goal, it is a standout amongst the most unpolluted places in India. Matheran offers a clear and stunning view of the night sky and viewpoints like the Echo Point and Hart Point. On the other hand, the lavish green zone, the Tungarli Lake in Lonavla, Maharashtra boasts an extremely clear sky henceforth; one can encounter an obvious vision of the night sky.
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