Get Drenched in These 5 Monsoon Destinations

As monsoon arrives, it brings along with it many of its companions -flood, traffic, accidents, diseases and what not. But the season is not that bad also; in fact it is one of the most gorgeous times to get enthralled in the beauty of mother earth, listen to the musical sound of raindrops and clasp the fragrance of wet mud. Have a look at some of the monsoon destinations in India, where you can get drenched in its mesmerizing beauty-

Valley of Flowers

'Valley of Flowers' nestled in the western Himalayas is at its best during monsoon and it is filled with vibrant colours all over. The diverse variety of flowers along with herbs and medicinal plants gives you a calm and relaxing sensation and the mesmerizing beauty of the rain adds to the charm of this place.
During monsoon, in the year 1937 Frank S, Smith - a mountaineer, explorer, and botanist visited this paradise and wrote a book, The Valley of Flowers, which later became the name of the place.
The valley which was declared a national park in 1982 is a World Heritage Site now.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: Last year Me some friends went to Panchgani during monsoon and went to Lingmala Waterfall, it was so much fun, we were luck to spot Shahruk Khan who was staying in same hotel - Ravine hotel as we were ;. Do mention this place.
Posted by: Sofia - 08 Jun, 2013