Get Drenched in These 5 Monsoon Destinations

Jog falls

Jog falls is, without any doubt the perfect place to experience monsoon in Karnataka, when the falls will be brimming with water; a scene you shouldn't miss! Located in Karnataka, on the borders of Shimoga and North Kanara, Jog Falls is the fifth highest waterfall in Asia, with a height of 810 feet. Gerusoppe falls, Shimaga Falls, Jogada Gundi and Gersoppa Falls are the other names for Jog falls. It is located in the backwater of Linganamakki Reservoir, Saravathi River and the water here is used for a nearby hydroelectric power station. Linganmakki Dam which is located at a distance of 6kms from Jog falls is a nearby attraction. If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of rainbows.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: Last year Me some friends went to Panchgani during monsoon and went to Lingmala Waterfall, it was so much fun, we were luck to spot Shahruk Khan who was staying in same hotel - Ravine hotel as we were ;. Do mention this place.
Posted by: Sofia - 08 Jun, 2013