Glistening Water Pools Bestowed by Nature


Ik Kil, Cenote, Mexico
Mexico has the highest number of underwater cave systems. Ik kil is a miracle for many, located in the Eco-archeological Park Ik Kil close to Chicken Itza. According to people in Mexico, Ik Kil is known as the Sacred Blue Cenote.
'Cenote' is a Mayan word, which means sacred well. This is a perfect destination for a comforting deep dive and it attracts people from across the globe. The hole is 90 feet deep and is crowded throughout the year with tourists. The place is open allowing light to enter the waterhole. The water level is said to be 85 feet below ground level. Stairs carved on the wall offers a way to reach the bottom of the place. The vines which fall from the forest floor hang just above the water and Ik-Kil is popular for swimmers and snorkelers than divers. The water is filled with small catfishes, which are harmless.
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