Global warming real but not uniform: Study

New York Even as the world gets warmer, some may still not feel it as global warming has not happened everywhere at the same rate, according to a study that looked into global land surface warming trends over the past 100 years.

"The global warming is not uniform," said Eric Chassignet, director of center for ocean-atmospheric prediction studies at Florida State University in the US.

You have areas that have cooled and areas that have warmed, Chassignet added.

While the regions of northern middle latitudes have experienced largest accumulated warming to date, in some areas of the world, cooling had actually occurred.

Noticeable warming first started around the regions circling the Arctic and subtropical regions in both hemispheres, the researchers noted.

From about 1910 to 1980, while the rest of the world was warming up, some areas south of the equator - near the Andes - were actually cooling down, and then had no change at all until the mid 1990s.

Other areas near and south of the equator did not see significant changes comparable to the rest of the world.

Using a new analysis method, the researchers examined land surface temperature trends from 1900 onward for the entire globe except Antarctica.

The study appeared in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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