Goa city; the party arena for celebrating Christmas

Christmas in Goa is one of the most important festivals that are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Like all the other parts of the world, Christmas in Goa is celebrated on 25th December. The day marks the birth of Lord Jesus. The festival is marked with a lot of merrymaking and revelry. People from all the communities in Goa join hands to celebrate the festival. Moreover, Goa Christmas celebrations begin with the singing of Christmas carols, which is followed by offering prayers in the church and exchanging gifts. If you are a beach bum, we are sure you can never have enough of beaches in your life, right? Goa, the beach paradise of India is the most favorite vacation spot among beach lovers. Goa is divided into two districts: North Goa, the party place and South Goa, filled with serenity. While this is how most people like to classify Goa, there's much more to both these districts than parties and tranquility. We have already told you about the best South Goa vacations.

Considered by many visitors to be the most beautiful part of the state, Goa's stretch of southern coast running from Betel down to largely forgotten Polem in the very south, is a beach-lover's dream of golden sands, gentle surf, and the mellowest vibe imaginable. Here you'll find emerald paddy fields studded with egrets, the bright-saris of farm workers, lazy rivers, herds of wandering oxen, and hidden beaches almost entirely without the big resorts, sprawling hotels or frenzied nightlife of elsewhere.If you wish to spend your New Year or Christmas away from the loud parties, beach shacks offer cheap and peaceful celebration with a traditional flavor. Bonfire, beachside barbecue, Goan food, trance parties & music and echoing wave initiates the perfect beginning for New Year.

goa christmas celebrations
One of the hottest destinations in India for Holiday Seasons is the tiny emerald Goa. Nestled between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, Goa attracts millions of visitors from around the globe owing to its sun-kissed beaches, centers of Ayurveda and meditation, World Heritage Churches & Cathedral and its vibrant nightlife & party scene. So it's no wonder that tourists arrive in thousands for Christmas and New Year celebration in Goa.

Anjuna beach; the beach of parties

This beach is located in Bardez Taluka, which is 18 kms away from Panaji. This beach is a part of Arabian sea, which is extended along western coast of Goa. This beach is a favorite tourist spot in December, during Christmas and New Year, for full-moon parties. This is the correct time to visit this beach as a large number of tourist from all over the world gather here for most amazing beach parties.

Candolim Beach; the beach of sports

Candolim beach is situated in north Goa, which is 15 kms away from Panjim. It is one of the longest beach of Goa, which starts at Fort Aguada and its other end merges with Calangute beach. If one wants peace and calmness then this is the best tourist spot for Christmas. Here are shops and restaurants on the main road to the beach, but there is no commercial activity involved near beach front accept water sports or adventure sports in Christmas. This beach is very clean and your min gets freshen up as there is peace and calmness everywhere.

Mandrem Beach; as a honeymoon destination

This beach is referred among the most beautiful beaches of Goa. This beach is also in north Goa and is famous for its scenery and greenery. This is mostly visited by honeymoon couples as they can get the needed privacy and romantic views here. This beach is known for do nothing on Christmas vacation as here is nothing to do or move around but just a small village and can enjoy eating local food. This beach is sort of an eye attraction for the tourists from all over the world. During main season, a giant crowd gathers here for water sports, dolphin cruises and during Christmas, this beach also gets spotted with wind surfing. Every year around September to November, wind surfing championship is conducted here.

Sunburn and After Dark; the party which is just awesome

Sunburn is the most happening and most famous festival conducted in goa during December. It is an electronic dance music, in which all over the beach dj nights are held. Sunburn has become a place for electronic music, entertainment, dance, food and much more. This festival is attended by enormous number of tourists who come specially to attend this festival.

This festival is started in the year 2007, and became very famous among tourists for its dance, music, food, etc. this festival is ranked as the ninth best festival in the world by CNN in 2009. Sunburn has become the most happening dance music and entertainment party and is going to be held in Goa, from 27th – 29th December, this year.

Rave Parties; all night boozing

Goa is very much known for its nightlife and night parties and crowd attending those parties. The scenic view at night and the view along the beaches and under the moon made people to party at night also. One of the most famous among the parties is rave party in Christmas.

These rave parties are very much said to be started by hippies. These parties are becoming popular by each passing year. Earlier, Rave parties are known for loud music, alcoholing, boozing, and drugs. This has made the young youth to join these kinds of rave parties. But use of drugs is banned by government and termed as illegal. So after that, the rave parties are now known for live music performances, food, Trans music, little bit boozing and occasional drinking.
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