Greenpeace India rubbishes IB report over coal mining

New Delhi, Greenpeace India Thursday rubbished allegations made in two Intelligence Bureau (IB) reports, leaked consecutively last week, accusing the organisation of stalling India's coal mining activity.

Samit Aich, executive director, Greenpeace India, said the IB reports are a concerted effort by parties with vested interest to ensure elimination of any kind of opposition.

"Since Greenpeace India has emerged as one of the primary voices opposing coal mining and nuclear power projects, the NGO has been specifically targeted to show the world, how the Indian government wants to crush any kind of opposition," Aich said.

Aich alleged that there was a plan to create a wave of anger and discontent amongst the public against the NGO.

"Both the reports are riddled with mistruths and factual errors. We will continue to challenge use of fossil fuels and dangerous technologies across the world including India. We will campaign for greater investments in ecologically sustainable, clean and safe practices both in agriculture and energy, and demand for equitable development," Aich reiterated.

Earlier, an IB report dated June 3 on "foreign-funded NGOs negatively impacting economic development in India" had apprised the Prime Minister's Office that Greenpeace India has helped to conduct anti-nuclear protests. It alleged that the organisation mounted "massive efforts to take down India's coal-fired power plants and coal mining activity".

In a subsequent leaked report June 9, the IB advised the government to cancel the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act registration of Greenpeace, re-assess its tax compliance and place all its international affiliates on a home ministry watch list.

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