How to Make an Indian Railway Reservation

Tourists and businessmen traveling within India now have the facility of making reservations for travel on trains during their visit to India.There is no need now to rely on agents and paying premiums for train tickets or lining up at railway stations for purchasing train tickets on Indian Railways.
Indian Railway Reservation

Reservation is Available between Indian Standard Time 5.00 and 23.30 Hours Greenwich Mean Time 23.30 and 18.00 Hours
Sunday's Reservation is Available between Indian Standard Time 5.00 and 23.30 Hours. Greenwich Mean Time 23.30 and 18.00 Hours

Step by Step procedure for Online Train Ticket Booking
1.On the internet visit the Indian Railways online booking webpage (
2.Create a username and password if you are new to the site. Registration is free.
3.After creating a username/password, you will need to log in.
4.Once logged in the screen a form titled 'Plan My Travel and Book Ticket' to select your travel itinerary will
appear. Select stations of travel, dates of travel, class of ticket required and type of ticket
5. Next you will see a form showing the various trains that match your chosen stations. Select the train you wish to travel on.
6. Once the train has been selected you will see a form titled 'Ticket Reservation' where you provide the passengers information and select the seating of your choice, for trains where meals are included in the ticket price, select your choice meal preference.
7. The next form you see shows your reservation details and offers you the opportunity to check your reservation details and pay for your ticket.
8. Next you are taken to a page to select the credit card you wish to use.

On and from 21-11-2011, Tatkal e-ticket can be booked one day in advance excluding the date of journey from the train originating station and the provision for specifying ID proof at the time of booking a Tatkal e-ticket has been started. The passenger(s) will be required to enter ID proof type and number at the time of booking, which is to be used for travel.

As per new rule of March 10,2012 reservations for train tickets on Indian railways can be made 120 days in advance of the travel date. Please note that I-Tickets are mailed to your Indian Address. If you do not have an Indian address then make only E-Ticket reservations as E-Tickets are not mailed out but can be printed on your computer.

Recent changes, requiring a local mobile number has made it difficult for people to make online train reservations for Indian railways from abroad.
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