HSI urges airlines to stop shipping shark fins

Hyderabad, Humane Society International: India has urged leading airlines in India to stop shipping shark fins in the wake of growing global concern over decreasing shark populations and degrading health of marine ecosystems.

HSI, in letters to the management of Jet Airways and Air India, called upon them to institute a policy against shipment of shark fins.

Research has repeatedly pointed to the fact that India is the world's second largest shark catching nation and one of the world's largest exporters of shark fins, HSI said in a statement.

Trade reports and undercover investigations have revealed that shark fins are most commonly transported from India to places like Hong Kong, Dubai and China as cargo on airlines.

As top predators, sharks are important to the survival and maintenance of healthy marine ecosystems.

"However, traders in India have found top dollar buyers and lucrative markets in many east Asian and south east Asian countries where shark fins are in high demand," said N.G. Jayasimha, HSI India's managing director.

Etihad Airways last month announced its decision to ban shark fins as well as live primate shipments.

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