India as an Iconic Place for Walking Holidays

To experience some the most excellent and remote places on Earth in unique ways, one must incline toward the walking holiday since the experience of walking holidays are life-changing & authentic. These days everyone is going on walking holidays instead of travelling by train, bus, bike or air. Walking Holidays in India is one of the most amazing outlines to discover new things where its memories do not mislay its color.

india walking holiday

Undeniably; India is one of an iconic place for walking holidays because of its awe-inspiring tropical rain forest. The country is extremely rich in topography, society, history, exciting untamed life and lovely mankind. The Indian Village Ways, the clean and green woodland, gigantic Western Ghats, commanding Himalayan range, the brilliant Ladakh, crests of Kashmir Mountains and numerous more are acclaimed ends for Walking Holidays.

Darjeeling & Sikkim Walking Holidays

Considered as a remarkable place for Walking Holiday, Darjeeling & Sikkim lies in the Eastern Himalaya. One can experience of Walking Holiday from Darjeeling & Sikkim as the slope station is neighbor to the incredible Tibetan plateau to the north, Nepal on the west, Bhutan and the Chumbi Valley of Tibet to the east. The Walking Holiday will demonstrate the finest scene, ancient remains, medieval towns and temples. The journey also come upon the charming countryside along with diversify flora and fauna. It will bypass one of the most amazing and awe - inspiring, an unrivalled high altitude trek of Dzongri at 3962 meters and Goechala at 4940 meters.

Himalayas walking holiday

A mountain range in South Asia that divide Indo-Gangetic Plain from the Tibetan Plateau, Himalayan range is home to more than one hundred mountains. Among all the Kuari Pass (3640m) is not lofty and its one of the perfect spot for walking holiday. A whole Himalayan reach can see from the pass and to the north the tops stretch to the Tibetan plateau and to the east Nanda Devi (7816m). A remarkable trekking spot of Himalayas will follow the trails lavish forest of bamboo, conifer and oak and numerous customary Hindu towns& sacred peaks. One will also perceive different wildflowers.

Stok Kangri climb in Ladakh, India

High above the Indus Valley, Stok Kangri climb in Ladakh is famous for the Walking Holidays. Rarely compressed route traverses the magnificent Ladakh Mountains and culminates with the chance to ascend Stok Kangri (6153m). An amazing Zanskar River, lush valleys high passes tops will come across. Dramatic yet harsh scenery of this high altitude desert are breathtaking where its panoramic views enlarge from Ladakh to the Karakorum to the Himalaya and into Tibet.

Kerala walking holiday

As we all know that, Kerala is one of the most beautiful places on earth due to its astounding diversity of scenery, architecture and culture. One can explore the fascinating journey through India's tropical south, on foot and by boat. This discover will take you to old Raj town of Munnar to Anamudi (2695m); Kerala's highest peak. This walking holiday is flawless as the spot are encompassed by slopes with tea estates, meadow and verdant timberland and it's exceptionally unwinding for the traveler. From Munnar one can trek by crossing the Western Ghats and will reach to Sri Meenakshi Sanctuary at Madurai. For the most part, it will take five days.

Madhya Pradesh walking holiday

Home to the country's greatest jungles, Madhya Pradesh lies in the heart of the country and connected to the state capital Delhi in the north and Mumbai in the south.
One can enjoy the forest walks, warm hospitality, charming villages and a tranquil hill station in Madhya Pradesh walking holiday. Not only that; it will explore the Pench National Park with your own guide who will help you to spot sloth bear, leopard, tiger, jackal, bluebull, wild boar, gaur, peacock, stork and many insects.
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