Indian Places where Sonia Gandhi Cannot Enter

Padmanabha Swamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple (Thiruvananthapuram) credited with the title 'The richest Temple in India' and in the world has become hotspot for pilgrimage tourists, with the unearthing of the treasure trove. The number of foreigners visiting the temple has increased considerably, but unfortunately as non-Hindus are not allowed they have to peep from outside to get few glimpses and be satisfied by clicking some photographs. ''After the news spread about the temple wealth, we are witnessing a huge flow of both foreign and domestic tourists coming to visit the temple. Many foreign tourists have come to us asking for permission to enter the temple. But we cannot grant them the permission as per the tradition, only Hindus are allowed to offer 'darshan' inside the temple,'' said V K Harikumar executive officer of the temple.
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