Indian Shrines And Unsolved Mysteries


Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

The Veerabhadra temple is located in Anathpur district, Andhra Pradesh. This temple is known for its huge pillars and carvings on the wall and is said to be built in the Vijayangara style. The temple has different legendary stories carved on its walls. There are are a total of 70 pillars in the temple, and of them one pillar does not rest on the ground. There is a belief that if a person puts across a cloth in between the pillar, their worries would be removed.


Thepperumanallur Shiva Temple, Tamil Nadu

At The Shiva temple located in Thepperumanallur large number of devotees witnessed a miracle in the year 2010. As temple priest was performing his daily rituals he noticed a snake carrying a leaf in its mouth which it placed it on the idol of Shiva.
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