India's 10 Best Summer Destinations

3. Kerala: Now it's time to heads off to 'God's own country', Kerala! A mini heaven located on the tropical southwestern coast of India is one of the favorable destinations by the tourists around the world. This place is culturally rich, healthy naturally and attractive and a great place to relax for the beach lovers. Kerala is known for its backwaters and marine beauty If one is looking out for a rejuvenating experience, ayurvedic centers should be on the list and most of all, do not forget to spend a night in the boathouses on water.
4. Shimla: After south, let's move towardsthe northern part of India for summer destination. Shimla, with its cool surroundings, is one of the most sought after spot in summer. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh and an enchanting hill station that you would want to visit again. There are winding mountain pathways accompanied with a soothing climate, and few holy shrines located at the body of the hills all create an atmosphere of its own. Shimla is a name taken from the phrase "Goddess Shyamla", which is one of the avatars of the Indian Goddess Kali. Thus, this place has a religious touch and a spiritual attraction too.
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