India's 7 Most Amazing Highways

2.Maneybhanjang to Sandhakphu


Maneybhanjang to Sandhakphu, simply means hardcore adventure. It is a bizarre road to be featured in this list. Mostly all of them who pass by this road experience a terrific situation because of the cracked and steeped roads. Hence, bikes and ordinary cars, apart from Range rovers and jeeps are not permitted to pass through this particular road which is located along the border of India and Nepal. Even though it's bizarre, its breathtaking scenery makes it outstanding, including a mind blowing experience to see four of the five highest peaks in the world.

3.Bhiwandi to Nashik


Bhiwandi, known for its dusty, grimy godowns is a town in Thane district in Maharashtra. The road from Bhiwandi to Nashik in simple terms implies sheer enjoyment because of the sweeping corners, long stretches with recently rebuild paths.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: for me the Yamuna express high way, Bombay-Pune, Bomba-Nasik are the best
Posted by: G Ananthapadmanabhan - 10 Nov, 2014