India's 8 Extra Ordinary Places To Travel In Monsoon

2. Goa
"Goa" is one of the all time favorite destination for all seasons. One must visit Goa at least once, as the splendid beauty of Goa in monsoon is worth a visit.
It is especially beautiful from June to September as nature flourishes here during this period. The rain brings romance in Goa and you will feel this if you visit Dudhsagar Falls or take a cruise from Panaji. One who is romantic in nature should surely visit this place. With the gigantic ocean on one side and the ghats on the other side, the scenic beauty of Goa is heavenly.
3. Lonavala
Monsoon means its "Lonavala" for Mumbaikars and Puneits. It is a popular weekend getaway and also one of the popular hill stations in India. It is Located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, and is a popular monsoon destination in India. Fantastic green sights, beautiful waterfalls, ponds and some wonderful sightseeing sites make Lonavala an eye-catcher during monsoons. There are numerous temporary waterfalls that beautify the whole of Lonavala. These waterfalls become favorite picnic spots for locals and visitors from nearby places.
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1: Leh
Posted by: Rama S Prasad Bulusu - 28 Jun, 2014