India's 8 Extra Ordinary Places To Travel In Monsoon

6. Coorg
Coorg is another beautiful hill station and it is at its best during the monsoon. It is the most romantic place in Karnataka to visit. It is famous for coffee plantation, honey and orange plantations and mesmerizing views. The monsoons seem to stretch for a considerably longer period here.
There is something unique about this place that tempts travelers to visit Coorg back and again during monsoons. Climate is cold in monsoon and the breathtaking sites of the valley, the soft rising mist, lush rolling grasslands, gurgling sounds of rivers and cascading waterfalls, all leave lasting memories.
7. Shillong
Shillong is called the capital city of north east state of Meghalaya. It is said that Shillong receives one of the heaviest rainfall during the monsoon season and lasts longer than the rest of India.
Shillong is surrounded by pleasing valleys of Khasi and Jayanti hills, adorned by numerous waterfalls and offers a panoramic view of green natural scenery.
The beautiful land of abundant natural beauty is one of the best tourist attractions in Meghalaya. Eastern India offers virgin forests and valleys dotted with innumerable waterways to explore while visiting.
8. Udaipur
Udaipur, the city of lakes or also known as the Venice of the East is located in Rajasthan. The, monikers fall short in encapsulating the splendour of this royal city. It also has a Monsoon Palace known as Sajjan Garh Palace. But the star attraction for the tourists, e is the Lake Palace, made famous by the Bond movie-Octopussy. This is aromantic gateway destination. The city surrounded by mountains allows tourists partake of its local flavour with monsoon festivals celebrating and capturing the rainy season festivities in style.
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