India's 8 Hidden Destinations to Explore

Malvan (Maharashtra): Malvan is an area renowned for dolphin sighting and is famously known for its peaceful beaches, costal cuisine and shore temples. Malvan is also famous for its water sports as people can do scuba diving and snorkeling. Salt producers call this area Mahalvan, 'Maha' meaning great and 'lavan' meaning plantation (or salt).

Malvan is a long stretch of white and calm beaches bordered by coconut trees and hills covered with mango, jackfruit and cashew trees, adding to the beauty of this rustic place.

Lansdowne (Uttarakand): Named after the British Viceroy, Lansdowne is a quiet hill station loved by the British and served as a training center for the Garhwal Rifles. This place is famously known for its beautiful view of the Himalayan range, the valleys and the alluring sunset. Anyone who would love to take a long walk in the forest of Lansdowne would be rewarded with a very stunning site because of the thick oak and pine forests. It also provides an opportunity to take long treks in the forest and jungle safaris. Some places worth visiting in Lansdowne are the Kanvashram, a gateway to the temple city Puri; the Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva; the Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial; Bhulla Thal an artificial lake, St. Mary's Church, Durga Devi Temple and many more.

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