Japan encourages casual dress in workplace to save energy

Tokyo, The Japanese government Monday started a campaign to encourage people to dress casually in workplace in a move to avoid excessive use of air conditioners to save energy.

In contrast to common impression of Japanese workers who are always in suits with ties, the "Super Cool Biz" campaign is an improved version of the "Cool Biz" started 10 years ago, which allowed government employees to work without wearing usual suits, Xinhua reported.

During the "Super Cool Biz" period, workers are allowed to wear polo shirts, sneakers and even Hawaiian aloha shirts in offices.

As sweltering weather continued in Japan recently, the environment ministry here also suggested people to shift their work hours to earlier in the morning when the air is cool.

The campaign which started in 2011 amid the concern of energy shortage after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant crisis, will continue till Sep 30.

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