Kasaragod, the Dream Lands of Northern Kerala

The district encompassed by three forest regions, Kasaragod is one of the most beautiful districts located in the northern part of Kerala. Significantly well- off in terms of history, the place is renowned for its coir and hand-loom industries in all over the globe. The magnificent region is often recorded as "dream-lands" since the territory encase the gathering point of three miracle towns i.e.; Kerala, Tulunadu and Coorg.

Kasaragod kerala

Known as a district of seven dialects, the region is gifted with 9 waterways and fishing is a main source of living. The area is home to the biggest and best safeguarded forts where temples display an assortment technique in traditional architecture. Rich in terms of Fauna and Flora, the peaceful place is known for its beaches, majestic hills, backwaters, hill stations, sea-kissed forts, shrines and cultural sites.

Best Time to Visit

Located near the sea, Kasaragod climatic condition is moderate and pleasing. The best time to visit Kasaragod is between the months of September and January.

Top Places to Visit in Kasaragod

Kasaragod kerala

The district is underneath the green woodland encompassed by the Western Ghats in the eastern county and is circled by the Arabian Sea in the western part. In fact; Kasaragod tour is more about discovering beaches, backwaters, hill stations, shrines and cultural sites. Rich in terms of heritage, Theyyam rituals is the greatest occasions in the town. Among the unique festival of Kasaragod; Onam, Vishu, Ramzan and Christmas are famous.

Kasaragod kerala

The temples in Kasaragod illustrated the architectural style of Madhur. Among the famous religious places, Mahaganapathy temple, Ananthapura Lake Temple, Ananthapuram Temple, Adoor, Pandiyan Kallu, Maipady, Bela, Edneer, Anandashram, Malik Deenar and Great Jumma Masjid and many more are famous. When it comes to Fort, beach and Water Park, the great interest to historians and archaeologists; Bekal Fort, Ranipuram, Kottancheri hills, Ranipuram hill station, Posadigumpe, Chandragiri fort, Nityanandasramam, Kappil Beach, Kanwatheertha Beach Resort, Valiyaparamba backwaters, Kareem Park and numerous more are visitor most focused on spots.
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