Macao Launches E-Learning Program For Indian Travel Agents

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) India has recently launched the Macao Specialist Program for travel agents. COVID-19 pandemic has definitely brought the global economy on a standstill, with the travel and hospitality industry being hit the hardest.

In such times, to continue staying connected with travel agents and keep them abreast about the developments in Macao, MGTO decided to introduce its first E-learning destination specialist program in India.

The special training program aims to educate and upskill the expertise of the travel trade agents & tour operators across the country about Macao’s offerings and points of appeal as an outbound destination.

Each varied module in the program is designed to ensure that the agents are well equipped with accurate information to promote Macao as an ideal destination for Indian travellers and will be able to provide them with interesting itineraries..
Post completing and passing each module in the specialist programme, the participants will be certified as a Macao Specialist.

The E-learning program is designed in a way that engages the learner in an easy, enjoyable and educative way.
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