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Innovators Chess Academy
Innovators Chess Academy
Innovators Chess Academy (ICA) was founded in late December, 2004. We have a dedicated team who have been providing Chess Coaching in Bangalore since 2006.

We have organized a number of tournaments over the past decade and we are the premier Chess Coaching Academy in Bangalore today.ICA has a number of students from all over Bangalore, thereby contributing a significant number of entries to Chess tournaments organized in the City. Today, we rank amongst the top Chess Schools in Bangalore and also amongst the best Chess Academies in Karnataka.

We at ICA believe that learning should be fun. We believe that the connection with the children should be established before taking them on the adventure.

We are promoting Chess at the grassroot levels by providing Chess Coaching through various schools.

If your Institution or Organisation is interested in promoting Chess, please feel free to contact our core Team at 9886358313 Sushrutha Reddy), 9980409870 Durgesh, 9880399906 Karthik Shetty and 9880814027 GaviSiddayya The Monthly Chess Tournaments is an effort by Innovators Chess Academy to keep the Chess fraternity alive in Bangalore. We have received excellent feedback for each of our Tournaments, especially for the way, we start and finish each of our Events on time.

We at Innovators Chess Academy request Girls to take active part in Chess Tournaments.
To motivate Girls, we have separate prizes kept exclusively for them in each of the age categories.

We request Schools to support us, in our initiative in keeping Bangalore Chess alive and promoting Chess at the grassroot levels, by sending in students to take part regularly in our Events.

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