Major North East India Tourism Spots

Meghalaya: MeghalayaThe abode of clouds' or Meghalaya describes the climatic phenomenon that brings torrents of rain to its mountainous terrain. This hilly state has been called 'a patch of beauty and grace' and is famed as 'the Scotland of the East'. It is linked to the Borail range, an offshoot of the Himalayan Mountains.The refreshing mountain air, the whispering pines, the exotic flora and fauna, the caves-all give the tourists a tremendous taste of beauty and serenity. Here's nature in all its glory. Limpid lakes, expansive rivers, babbling streams breaking into waterfalls, twisting and turning and disappearing into the greener. Nature has blessed her with abundant rainfall, sun-shine, virgin forests, high plateaus, tumbling waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, meandering streamlets and above all with sturdy, intelligent and hospitable people. Beautiful lakes and falls, hillside cottages, a large university, and the popular Bara Bazar are quaint aspects of this town.

Mizoram: Mizoram is a mountainous state nestling in the southern tip of the north-east region of India. Covered with verdant forests dominated by thick bamboo groves, teeming with vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and breath-taking waterfalls, dotted with unique landmarks of myriad folklores and picturesque villages of houses built on stilts, a land of dramatic seas of morning mists that enfold islands of hills and peaks.This is the land of the Highlanders, or the Mizos, who are by nature carefree and hospitable to visitors. For anyone looking for a quiet holiday or outdoor activities in pristine and peaceful setting, this is a destination worth your while.Evergreen ranges of Mizoram hills with blooms of exotic flora and dense bamboo jungles rise sharply from the plains of Assam in a north south direction. These hills and plunging gorges are cris-crossed by gushing rivers and sparkling waterfalls. Highest among its several peaks is the Phawngpui The Blue Mountain.
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