Major Places to Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the exotic places with magnificent scenery and picturesque view. This place is also considered as paradise on earth due to its natural beauty. It is the ideal tourist destination which is surrounded by the great Himalayan range and caters to a large number of tourists throughout the year.
Srinagar Kashmir
Kashmir tourism has made the city more popular where you can find many great rivers, valleys, snow capped mountains and many more. Tourists can experience incredible natural beauty, blissful ambiance, floating vegetable gardens which provide you with unforgettable moments for a lifetime. There are many things to do in this city which enhances the Kashmir tourism and allows people to visit there

Srinagar, the state's winter capital, is the first stop for all travellers to Kashmir; and with its great lake and meandering river, its exquisite pleasure gardens and romantic shikara rides, the old-world charm of its houseboats and the ageless grace of its architecture, the city is a fitting introduction to the many enchantments of the valley. The vast Dal lake is, of course, Srinagar's emblematic feature, and its deep waters carry the most popular of Srinagar's attractions: houseboats and shikaras.

Gulmarg is not merely a mountain resort of exceptional beauty but also the country's premier ski resort in winter when it is covered in snow and takes on the appearance of a picture postcard.Gulmarg was first established as a ski resort by the British who had set up the Ski Club of India here in 1927. Skiing at Gulmarg had become very popular during the pre-independence years. The resort used to host two major skiing events, one each during Christmas and Easter. In 1938-39, about 500 skiers are said to have participated in Christmas and Easter ski races. Gulmarg's atmosphere was identified with European ski resorts of the 1940's and 50's - the 'Alps of good old days'. It has good sunshine as well as good snow.
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