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Major Tourism attractions in Calicut

Art Gallery Calicut

The Art Gallery at Kozhikode is contributed solely for the cause of paintings and painters Housed in a building near to Pazhassirajah Museum, the gallery is renowned for its collections of the veteran painter Raja Ravi Varma These painting, depicting the simplicity and depth of Keralites, are the major pull factor that attracts a good number of art aficionados to this gallery.

Mananchira Square

Mananchira Square, located in the heart of Kozhikode city, is wrapped around the Mananchira Tank which is fed by a natural spring. Built by Mana Vikrama, the last Zamorin King, it has been preserved almost in its original form. Mananchira is the heart of the city and sites important institutions like the Town Hall and the Public Library. One of Kozhikode's oldest institutions, the Commonwealth Trust's office is located here. The large pond and park are well-known landmarks.

Kappad Beach

Kappad beach is most famed with the name of renowned ancient explorer Vasco Da Gama. Since Kappad is considered as place where he landed in May 27, 1948 prominence of this stunning beach is well known for its historical significance too.Major attraction of Kappad beach are rocky headland stretching into the sea and a hundred year old temple and little stone monument is left at the Kappad beach to speak of its great historic importance.
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