Major Tourist Attractions in Kannur

Arakkal Museum

The Arrakkal Museum is a museum dedicated to the Arakkal family, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala, south India. The museum is actually a section of the Arakkalkettu (Arakkal Palace). The durbar hall section of the palace has been converted into a museum by the Government of Kerala.
Arakkal kingdom (Kingdom of Cannanore, Sultanate of Lakshadweep and Cannanore) was a former city-state on the Malabar Coast, ruled by dynasty of the same name. The ruling King was called Ali Raja ("the Sea Ruler") and the ruling queen was called Arakkal Beevi.[1] Arakkal kingdom included little more than the Cannanore town and the southern Laccadive Islands (Agatti, Kavaratti, Androth, Kalpeni and Minicoy), originally leased from the Kolattiri. The royal family is said to be originally a branch of the Kolattiri, descended from a princess of that family who converted to Islam. They owed allegiance to the Kolattiri rulers, whose ministers they had been at one time.

Ezhimala Hillstation Kannur

The term Ezhimala is formed from two Malayalam words 'ezhu' and 'mala' which mean seven and mountains respectively. Thus, the term ezhumala denotes and stands for the seven peaks. Ezhimala hill station is about 286 m. above sea level.Ezhimala is, being the former capital of the ancient Mushika dynasty, a place of historical importance. Additionally the site was a major port around which trade got flourished in the Common Era. Many wars between Chola and Chera dynasties were fought at this location in the 11th century.

Paithmala Kannur

Paithalmala or Paithalmala is a hill station in the Kannur district of Kerala in India. Located near Pottenplave village, at a height of 1371.6 m above sea level, this is the highest geographic peak in Kannur. It is located 65 km from Kannur.Nestled in the Kerala Karnataka border near to Kodagu forests, it lies in the Western Ghats.
There are two trekking seasons at Paithalmala, falling in monsoon and summer. Monsoon (June to October) trekking to Paithalmala is a photographer's delight as the mist blankets the hills and forest.
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