Modern waste management units in Kolkata soon

Kolkata, In a bid to modernise waste management, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is all set to introduce energy-efficient, solid waste compaction systems across the city this year, an official said Thursday.

Kolkata generates an estimated 5,372 tonnes of solid waste every day. To tackle the enormous amount of garbage amid problems of shrinking space linked to rapid urbanisation, KMC plans to do away with large open vat garbage bins, which have been associated with public health hazards.

According to Subhasish Chatterjee, executive engineer of KMC's solid waste management department, a total of 78 solid waste compacting stations will be set up across the city. In addition, 39 battery operated mobile units will be pressed into service.

"We had set up around five units on a pilot basis. This year, June onwards we are taking it to a bigger scale," Chatterjee told IANS.

"The areas where we can't set up stations, we will operate the mobile units. The entire process from garbage collection to compaction and processing will be scientific and hygienic," he said.

Waste compaction enables the solid materials to be compressed, stored and transported in smaller spaces. This translates into fewer trips to landfill sites.

For this initiative, a 20-acre plot has been earmarked in the adjoining New Town township to deal with compacted waste.

The next step would be going for extensive waste-to-energy ventures.

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